gustaf and irene arrived!

I am cheating, and posting here what I put on the Hananasif blog earlier this morning…. I went yesterday afternoon at Orlando International Airport, along with their host family John and Lisa Nelson, to greet Gustaf and Irene, newly arrived from the Hananasif Orphanage Center in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Although their flight landed around 3p.m., it […]

back home

I flew in from D.C. really late on Sunday night. It was kind of annoying, because even though I was totally exhausted, I still went to work the next day. The first thing my supervisor said to me was, “oh, I thought you weren’t coming in until tomorrow?” 😛 Which means I could’ve stayed home […]


I’ve been in D.C. for the past two days, and I’ve had a lovely time eating food and visiting monuments. I’ve been here quite a few times, but there is always something new to see. When I arrived, my sister and uncle and aunt met me and we immediately went to Maggiano’s, a family-style Italian […]

youth party

Last night we had a youth group party. We played some volleyball by the lake. Check out the “blue team” below. Oh yes… And then despite the heat and humidity, I remembered why I love Florida. We also played a couple rounds of Mafia after dinner. I am proud to say that my fellow Mafia […]

book and movie review

I am in the midst of taking a break from Philip Pullman and His Dark Materials and instead reading my book entitled “Confessions of a Reformissionary Rev.” by Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA. For those of you who read Blue Like Jazz, this is the pastor whom Donald Miller […]

busy weekend

I was in Jacksonville for Katie and Billy’s wedding on Friday, which was actually pretty funJ I think the ceremony was 19 minutes long, and I’m pretty sure the only other kind of wedding ceremony that can beat it in length is some kind of elopement in front of a judge. So that was pretty […]