busy weekend

I was in Jacksonville for Katie and Billy’s wedding on Friday, which was actually pretty funJ I think the ceremony was 19 minutes long, and I’m pretty sure the only other kind of wedding ceremony that can beat it in length is some kind of elopement in front of a judge. So that was pretty awesome. Plus, as they were leaving the reception, we used sparklers instead of rice (which makes birds explode) or bubbles (which is sticky) or flowers (which I guess is okay but it reminds me of Gladiator when—SPOILER ALERT–Maximus dies…).

Serenity showed me how to make sparkler art which I had never experienced before. You outline a shape of some sort with a burning sparkler and with her masterful photography skills, Serenity captured it on camera. I did a star. I hope she puts that picture up on facebook or something, because it is basically amazing.:D

Also, I am thrilled that I finally got to hear and see the legendary performance of “Joy to the World” by the former roommate brotherhood of apartment 410. I have only heard rumors of this spectacular performance, but I had not seen the glory of it with my own eyes. This may also be possibly be making its way to YouTube. Stay tuned…

Our Oaks show Saturday night at the Peacock Room—something was a little weird about everything that night. I’m not really quite sure what the deal was. It probably didn’t help that the sound guy left at several points during our set, and wasn’t really paying close attention to the mix at all. I felt like my vocals were up too high and Ryan’s weren’t loud enough. Plus I felt a little crammed on the side of the stage—I could even feel the “whoosh” every time Matt crashed the cymbals. Odd sensation. It’s hard to get into the music when you feel crammed and also at the mercy of an ADD sound guy.

Other than that—we did record and videotape the performance, so it’ll be cool to see how that turns out. My parents actually came to the show which was unexpected, since my mom generally doesn’t do well around any amount of cigarette smoke. So it was fun to see the ‘rents at a bar at midnight in Orlando. Haha.

I decided that a bowl of soup and a cappuccino on a rainy Sunday afternoon/evening is simply one of life’s little pleasures. It was wonderful to have a lazy Sunday after such a busy weekend.

Now, if only I had gotten further along in my book…Ah well.

If you want to read something interesting, check out sydneyschaef.blogspot.com

This is my good friend Sydney’s blog. She recently moved out to L.A. to teach for Teach for America in the inner-city for 2 years. We used to sing and write songs and travel together back in the day (I am so old).

She’s a fantastic writer and quite the old soul;) So consider yourself privileged!:D haha


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