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I flew in from D.C. really late on Sunday night. It was kind of annoying, because even though I was totally exhausted, I still went to work the next day. The first thing my supervisor said to me was, “oh, I thought you weren’t coming in until tomorrow?” 😛

Which means I could’ve stayed home an extra day. Bleh.

Oh well.

I added only a couple of pictures in my previous D.C. post, so you can check those out if you want to..

Here are some pictures of the National Cathedral. I have been to D.C. many times before… I ‘ve visited the Capitol (multiple times), the White House, the Smithsonian, the National Gallery, the Holocaust Museum, the Vietnam memorial, the new WWII memorial, the Korean memorial, Iwo Jima, the FBI building, the Pentagon, Abe, Tommy and of course, good ole’ George. So I was trying to figure out some place that I had never been to before while Miriam was visiting her friend Jamie in the city. I realized I had never been to the National Cathedral before, so that’s where we went!

I think this may have actually been my most favorite part of the trip (other than the food;). I felt like I was transported into another world, or at least another country. It actually reminded me a lot of Austria. There was a cottage and some gardens surrounding the cathedral, which was set atop a large hill that overlooks Georgetown.

I know when you’re traveling throughout Europe, you kind of develop cultural-overload, and after awhile, all the cathedrals, churches, sculptures, stained glass windows, arches all started to look alike, and you kind of don’t care anymore and all you’re thinking about is where to eat lunch.

But this time it was actually nice to wander around the cathedral and the grounds. There were hardly any tourists there, surprising for a Saturday. The weather was absolutely perfect.

I found some stained glass windows that depicted many parables, and some that were just pretty.

I also wandered down to the crypt and there wasn’t ANYBODY down there. That was creepy. I felt like I was in a horror movie–my least favorite film genre. Anyway, luckily, the crypt led straight upstairs into the gift shop (weird, no?) and I could have easily spent the rest of the afternoon in there because of the insane amount of books they had in there. My aunt and uncle continually made fun of me because I just kept buying books.

We also went up to the observation deck, only about seven floors up, but enough to give a spectacular view of, not only Georgetown, but all of D.C. You can definitely see the Washington memorial.. Can’t miss it:

I took this picture on the observation deck. I had it all lined up and I thought it was going to be this amazing shot that highlighted the cathedral’s architectural attributes, and then this random lady wandered into my shot at the last second.

But I actually like it better than it would have been. I think it actually helps make the picture…

This whole cathedral thing reminded me so much of Austria. I would like to go back… Someday.


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