a run of crazy dreams

I have been having strange dreams lately and I’m in a foolish enough mood right now to share them with you, effectively silencing all doubts you may have about my sanity.

Dream #1: I dreamed I was hiding out in a run-down apartment in some city (it felt like Europe but I wasn’t sure)… with Nicolas Cage. We were in the process of making bombs. This might not be the sort of thing I should confess on a myspace blog, but I don’t care. Anyway, the apartment was extremely cluttered, what with our bomb paraphernalia and other random furnishings strewn about the place. It reminded me of Mark and Roger’s apartment in RENT.

My sister was in my dream, warning me in her sisterly voice that I should not be making bombs, but her tone was such that you’d have thought we were kids and she was warning me not ruin my dinner by eating ice cream. Well, she must have blabbed to our landlady, because our landlady sent us repeated warnings over an intercom about how she suspected Nick Cage and I were making bombs and that she was going to inform the police if we didn’t stop.

She made good on that threat and while the police were on their way, Nick created a diversion to draw the cops away from me and I escaped down some secret stairwell. (I have always wanted to evade someone by using a fire escape… ) Anyway, he managed to lose the cops and we were supposed to meet up at our rendezvous point at a white car.

I—for some reason—stopped by a little café, because I saw my friend Jenny there. I actually ordered some food to go and stopped and chatted with her, but I was feeling nervous that the cops were going to catch up with me. And as I saw the sirens, then of course I had to make my escape.

I don’t really remember more than that… I do not recall a bomb actually exploding…Now I’m thinking that if we were actually terrorists within the dream, then some harm might have come to that landlady, but seeing as how we spared her life, I’m more inclined to think we were freedom fighters and had some noble end to our means. But maybe that’s just the Machiavelli in me.

Dream #2: I dreamed I was in a world where we could freely talk if we remained within this weird bubble-like chamber. It was a dark, colorless room with this enormous bubble encasing us. We were all dressed in these white outfits (kind of like in that movie The Island). Once we emerged into the real world (like the Matrix), we were not allowed to speak about what was really going on. As we were leaving the bubble, my companion explained to me that in 2 years, everyone on the planet was going to perish because of a mutant gene (like in X-Men), except whereas in X-men the mutant gene bestowed superhuman powers, this mutant gene was fatally degenerative. My friend confided to me that while we were allowed to talk about this impending doom within the bubble, it was absolutely forbidden in the real world.

We left the bubble and were treated to a seven course meal in this crowded, brightly lit restaurant. Our table was lavishly set, and we had several waiters attending to us. As I had just found out about the mutant gene, I desperately wanted to warn everybody, but I was not allowed to. I just remember having this uncontrollable urge to pull a Chicken Little and say “hey people, the sky is falling!” but as I attempted to, all the waiters (who happened to actually be minions of The Man and pseudo-Secret Agents) took me down as I was trying to share the truth.

I actually have a pretty good idea of what these dreams mean, but if any of you wanted to venture a guess, that would be most lovely.

Also, if you have ever had any crazy, flipped out dreams like that, feel free to share with the rest of the class!:D

3 thoughts on “a run of crazy dreams

  1. You wouldn’t believe it but I’ve been having some really vivid dreams too!!!!!Yours are much ‘deeper’ than mine…haha…I dreamt my parent’s Chinese student turned their swimming pool into a wave pool to surf in…Anyway, because I’ve been having such vivid dreams and have had a couple of significant ones in the past Jordan bought me ‘Dream Language: The Prophetic Power of Dreams, Revelations, and the Spirit of Wisdom’ by Jim W. and Michal Ann Goll. As someone raised in a fairly conservative denomination I was a bit sceptical (we wouldn’t want the SPIRIT interfering with things now, would we?) but it’s got some great points. It encourages us to seek dreams and pray for prophesies. I’m like one chapter through so I shouldn’t really recommend it yet, but just wanted you to know that my sleep is complex also :)The other night I dreamt repeatedly about taking two cats to a vet to be healed. Why? I watched the video on your blog with the buffalo (and the poor poor baby – why’d you make me watch that?!?!?! haha) who flings the lioness’ up in the air.. I think that’s why anyway.I struggle with interpretation, I think because I can so clearly see the links from my dreams to what I was doing the previous day, so I figure it’s just my mind excreting unnecessary matter (to put it grotesquely)…Oh, and two nights ago I woke up VERY stressed because I was trapped in a recurring dream where I was constantly planning lessons…and then in my dream I woke up and I was asleep in a chair from work…then I’d fall asleep and have the recurring dream again. It was horrible!Anyway, thanks for sharing your dreams. I enjoyed the Nicholas Cage dream but I have to say the second dream probably had more significant philosophical undertones…haha.I love your blog. You’re such a thinker! I wish we lived closer :(Lotsa love,Ellie

  2. Now I’m editing. * Parent’s should’ve been parents’.* ‘I’m like’ is not an appropriate way to start a sentence…* It’s possible that lioness’ isn’t right.Poor grammar/spelling niggles at me.

  3. mind excretion… yuck!:)i am sorry ellie, i forgot you were a cat lover. but come on… they were feeding on a poor, defenseless buffalo calf! also, didn’t you say once you wish you could have a head of a cat as a pet? or am i just making that up? silly ellie.the power of dreams is something i’ve been thinking about a lot lately for the past few months. i tend to be a little skeptical about that too. most times, dreams are nothing more than indicators of our current thoughts and feelings. but in scripture, God spoke through dreams in the lives of jacob, daniel, joseph, probably more that i’m not even thinking of. who’s to say He doesn’t work in that way today?thanks for sharing, ellie;)

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