Madeleine L’Engle

Madeleine L’Engle—one of my most favorite authors of all time—died of natural causes earlier this week. Although I was momentarily sad and shocked when I heard the announcement on NPR, it almost seems an insult to lament the loss. She lived a long, meaningful, creative life and died peacefully. What more could a person ask […]

the tragic fate of Aragogette

It has been an exciting—albeit moribund—week here at Lake Hart. (This is turning into Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet… seriously) First of all, Aragogette perished yesterday at the hand of Pedro the Maintenance Guy. After putting up an admirably staunch fight against her impending doom, the pressure washer inevitably got the best of her. After her […]

an apology to the arachnophobic….

There’s a banana spider living outside of our office window. We’ve named it Aragogette, after Aragog from the Harry Potter books. The suffix has been added for obvious reasons. I know that it’s probably a mistake to name a living thing, because I always inevitably end up attached to the named thing. Working at this […]