the tragic fate of Aragogette

It has been an exciting—albeit moribund—week here at Lake Hart. (This is turning into Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet… seriously)

First of all, Aragogette perished yesterday at the hand of Pedro the Maintenance Guy. After putting up an admirably staunch fight against her impending doom, the pressure washer inevitably got the best of her. After her beautiful web was decisively Aguamentied, she fell two stories, and her egg sac suffered the same fate. To add insult to serious injury, Pedro lowered his mechanical crane and decisively—nay, maliciously—squished her with his workboot.

Watching their mother meet such a cruel end, I felt compelled to rescue the orphaned egg sac as it lay forlornly on the sidewalk, probably the result of some idealistic notion planted in their by E.B. White himself.

Of course I didn’t want to touch it, so Carrie and I merely chipped it Tiger Woods-style into the bushes using first and umbrella and then a stick. So we probably did more damage to an already damaged egg sac. But at least my conscience is clear.

Then today, I passed a mostly-dead grey fox lying in the middle of the quad, on top of the freshly-trimmed Astroturf (Or whatever it is they cover the lawn with these days). I surely hope the fox was not Wentworth! But the reason I noticed it was the trio of buzzards that congregated near the corpse-ish fox. Then the maintenance compadres came by once again to dispose of the body in a black garbage bag. Carrie and I were amused at the disappointed buzzards, who actually looked quite bewildered at having their potential meal so casually stripped away from them.

So… you just never know what’s going to happen at “the Office.”

(Cue the Scrantones……)

2 thoughts on “the tragic fate of Aragogette

  1. I feel bad for the buzzards. They are really efficient at cleanup. They should have been left to their meal! When I bike in in the morning if there’s a squished armadillo or raccoon they’re always gone by lunch time.

  2. The leader stared at the empty space for a minute…like he was thinking, “Seriously guys, it was just here!” Then all three of them sat down in the shady grass, as if expecting the fox to come back, lay down and apologize for leaving…it was great!

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