hey facebookers!

If you’re on facebook, our band the OaKs is now add-able (is that even a word?) through the iLike application. I actually resisted adding this application many months ago, because it made my profile look too cluttered. However, since then, I’ve added iRead, Movies, Mafia, Scrabulous, Pet Dragons, Harry Potter Sorting Hat, Pirates, Ninjas, Pirates […]

Bad Drivers in America

According to a recent CNN article, 36 million American drivers would flunk a driver’s test. Idaho had the highest number of knowledgeable drivers, and New York was at the bottom of the barrel (big surprise)… along with Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. You can take a driver’s test and see how well […]

NYC photo

In celebration of finally finishing the OaKs second album, I am posting these pics. Tim, I hope you don’t mind I’m stealing this photo from your flickr. I am just posting this because I felt silly for not taking any pictures while in NYC. Forgive me, for those photophiliacs out there. Anyway this is a […]