NYC photo

In celebration of finally finishing the OaKs second album, I am posting these pics.

Tim, I hope you don’t mind I’m stealing this photo from your flickr.

I am just posting this because I felt silly for not taking any pictures while in NYC. Forgive me, for those photophiliacs out there.

Anyway this is a photo of Greg, Matt Ryan and me outside of

Fontana’s in the Lower East Side, shortly before we went tramping around Manhattan to find the Fanatic Promotion office.

And yes, I am glowing for some odd reason.

This is one of the promo shots taken by Stephen Taylor. We basically covered the walls and ceiling of Ryan and Denise’s ex-dining room into this master piece. While taking this picture, Stephen told us to look at our favorite artist up there. You can’t see in the picture, but trust me when I say I am looking at Billie Holiday. Somebody tacked one of her albums to the ceiling.

Anyway I am basically just thrilled I don’t look like an Amazon warrior princess. Stephen used a wide angle camera lens on several of the pictures and I just happen to be at the end of each of those pictures. Consequently, I look like a monstrous lady with her tiny band of Ozian munchkins. I actually voted to rename the band Big Lady and the Munchkin Band.

Or we can just keep “the OaKs”, with a capital K.



One thought on “NYC photo

  1. You can steal from my flickr any time!Sorry about the glow. Maybe it’s your radiance… I tried to adjust it but it was too bad for Picasa to deal with. Oh well, I should have taken more than four pictures the whole time we were there!T

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