hey facebookers!

If you’re on facebook, our band the OaKs is now add-able (is that even a word?) through the iLike application. I actually resisted adding this application many months ago, because it made my profile look too cluttered.

However, since then, I’ve added iRead, Movies, Mafia, Scrabulous, Pet Dragons, Harry Potter Sorting Hat, Pirates, Ninjas, Pirates vs. Ninjas, Pirates and their Mothers versus Ninjas and their Second Cousins twice removed, etc…. and totally neglected to re-add iLike, therefore perpetuating this never ending stew of mind-numbingly pointless yet somehow strangely diverting world known as facebook.

So, come add us to your profile!;)

src=”http://www.ilike.com/images/ilike_this_artist.gif” alt=”iLike The Oaks”/>


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