New York City recap

So I was just in New York City for approximately 18 hours, give or take. Our band flew up to the Big Apple to participate in a half-hour-long show and interview with Faith Salie, and also some interview with a group called This is us walking from the Blue Spoon Cafe down the block […]


I finally bought Brooke Fraser’s “Albertine” album on iTunes this week, even though I’ve had the single for the past couple of months, ever since I was impressed by Brooke’s live performance of the song @ the Hillsong Conference in Orlando. I tend to be really skeptical of new up-and-coming female artists for some reason. […]

women in ministry

A friend recently wrote to me in an email about a negative reaction she received from some people since she took a leadership role in a certain church. She asked me what my take on women in ministry was, so I decided to respond. Here’s part of what I wrote to her: “By the way–that […]

Art and Time

One thing I wish the independent Christian Church did more of was celebrating the significance of how God moves through time. My friend sent me this link which celebrates the liturgical year through painting. This was featured at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. which I was first idle and later fortunate enough to bother […]

Ani, Manhattan and the Matrix

I recently realized that I have been a fair-weather fan of Ani DiFranco. My good friend Amanda got me into her a few years ago, thanks to a homemade, amazing, massive, slightly schizophrenic (and I mean this in the oft incorrectly-used medical sense) four-disc compilation that had everything from Allison Krauss and Van Morrison to […]


Not to harp on about this because if you have talked to me in the past 2 weeks, I’ve probably sat you down and made you listen to this, but despite the mediocre visual quality of this video (not to mention you can barely see Marketa), I think they sound really great.