I finally bought Brooke Fraser’s “Albertine” album on iTunes this week, even though I’ve had the single for the past couple of months, ever since I was impressed by Brooke’s live performance of the song @ the Hillsong Conference in Orlando.

I tend to be really skeptical of new up-and-coming female artists for some reason. But Brooke’s voice and talent for songwriting blew me away. More than that–her honesty and storytelling ability seemed to draw every one into her experience. I become more and more convinced that the story is the thing that invites everybody in. It seems like a darn near impossible thing to maintain a down-to-earth attitude in front a crowd of thousands and thousands of people unless it comes from some place real. But that’s what Brooke’s story struck me as: earnest and real and honest.

The album overall is pretty good, but the title track is still my favorite. Even though the song is about Rwanda and a response to what happened in 1994, the song brought me back to Tanzania, with its soft insistence that I should “tell the world where I’ve been.”


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