LOSTand the OaKs

Okay, as many of you know, I recently traveled with our band The OaKs to New York City to play a show at the famous WNYC building in Manhattan. We played a 3 song set in their studio and then Ryan and Matt participated in an interview with Faith Salie, this nice, bubbly redhead with a surprisingly casual and disarming talent for interviewing.

We had sort of short notice as to when our show would actually air, but then we got an email yesterday that clued us in that the OaKs show would be broadcast on Tuesday night.

I have recently become converted into a hard core LOST fan, so yesterday I was extremely excited to discover that our band would be featured in conjunction with an interview with Michael Emerson from LOST (the actor who plays Ben, the leader of the Others ). So basically creepy Ben (or Bug Eyes as he has been unceremoniously dubbed by Sawyer) was featured on the same radio show/segment as our band.

You can hear both our show and the interview with Michael Emerson from Tuesday’s segment at http://pri.morefairgame.org/.

P.S. I was very excited that my picture can be seen floating above Michael Emerson’s head. Maybe this means I can play Jacob’s ghostly wife that haunts Ben from inside the creepy shack.

I’m considering pitching the idea to J.J. and seeing what he thinks…hehe

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