post SXSW

On Friday, Matt, Greg and I went to catch Anathallo’s day party, although we missed a couple songs since we were running late, what with the insane traffic on I-35. I enjoyed this show much better than the previous one. I hope we can tour with them… I feel like fans of their music would really get ours. I wish I could have seen their showcase, but I think I was in Hotel Café concert at that point.

After Anathallo, we wandered around the Flatstock Poster show and Trade Show in the exhibit halls. There were some AMAZING artwork and designs. During the trade show, we wandered over to the Uncensored Interview booth, where one of the producers spontaneously decided to interview us on-camera, which was pretty cool. Then we had another day party at Pangaea’s… again, a humble turnout, but honestly, I think it was just good for our band to get used to playing shows together. Always the learning curve… I also went shopping again at the awesome store and got a shirt, which I ended up wearing for our set.

Then we went to County Line BBQ on the outskirts of Austin, and it was exactly what my soul needed that evening. Texas BBQ is bold and in your face…a lot different than the sweet honey bbq pulled pork we’re used to in Florida. But it was still delicious! It was also nice to get away from the craziness of downtown.

At night, we traipsed around downtown trying to track down some good shows. We wanted to see Destroyer @ the Parish (once again, my favorite Austin venue to date); unfortunately, the line was crazy long. So we went to see the Asthmatic Kitty (Sufjan Steven’s label) show.

I saw a couple songs of My Brightest Diamond, before the heat and stuffiness of the Central Presbyterian Church venue began to get to me, so I stepped outside for some fresh air. What I heard I did appreciate—she had an amazing voice, and the strings were gorgeous, but with all of Austin frenetically amping up all energy, I wasn’t in the mood for any music that didn’t have some kind of driving rhythm. Which it didn’t. Also, her onstage presence and persona (fake British accent and frou frou dress) just kind of bothered me. A bit contrived and out there. I respect what she’s trying to do, I just wasn’t in the mood for it that evening.

Our band’s show, the “Deja Vai” (chuckle, chuckle) party at Spiro’s (that’s SpEEro’s, not Spy-ro’s) Rhumba Room on Red River and 6th turned out a lot better than I was expecting, after a humble turnout to our previous 2 day parties. We also had an interview (well, Matt and Ryan had an interview) with the which I think went over nicely. I tried to sneak into Rachel Ray’s party next door, (or next tent rather….the line went all the way down the street!) but I couldn’t swing it. Becca suggested too late that I cut holes in the tent to peek through. I thought that was kind of like Alejandro in The Mask of Zorro. That’s what I get for not carrying around a pocket knife…

But we had a really good response from the people that turned out for our Spiro’s show, and I think we played the best we did all week.

After our show, we hit the road. But not before I had a yummy bratwurst with kraut, curry ketchup and mustard. Yum.

We made it back to Orlando without incident Sunday afternoon. As for driving, I had the 9:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. shift, which worked out well since I somehow turned into a night owl on this trip.

One odd thing I discovered as I was unpacking was that my digital voice recorder in my backpack suddenly had no battery, even though I had recently put in a fresh pack. Strange, I thought. I then noticed that I had a couple extra files that I didn’t recall recording. I listened to the new file.

Turns out, while I was shuffling my backpack around, I had switched on the recorder and accidentally recorded 9 hours of highway noise, radio and random conversation from Austin all the way through 9 hours later (probably somewhere in Louisiana or Mississippi). Sadly, nothing incriminating took place so I simply deleted it.

Ah well, anyway back to reality. My allergies are KILLING me… I think cottonwood trees and ragweed conspired to explode all over Florida today so now I can barely breathe. Hopefully that’ll clear up later…

Any allergy remedies out there, other than Claritin? I would be most grateful….


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