AWL Syndrome.

After watching the Lost season finale last night, I think I may have developed a subform of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as AWL Syndrome (Aftermath of Watching Lost Syndrome).

Symptoms: my brain hurts and I am not quite sure of reality. And I have an unending string of questions.

Is Claire dead?

Where did the Island go?

Is Jeremy Bentham really John Locke?

By becoming the Head Honcho Other, will Locke now become evil and manipulative like Ben?

Why didn’t Locke just strap that heart monitor to his own arm? (Jin might still be alive:()

How the heck has Richard Alpert not aged?

Is Sun trying to wreak revenge on Ben, her dad or Widmore? Or all three?

Will Jack find redemption? (and finally shed that Grizzly Jack beard?)

How will Jack get everybody to go back to the island?

Was Charlotte born on the island?

Is Sayid Jack Bauer incarnate? (those were some wicked, flippy leg mano a mano moves)

How has that time-traveling twist really been at work during the past four seasons, unbeknownst to us?

How exactly did Ben go from his little ice cave to the middle of the Tunisian desert?

How can Desmond really expect not to be found by Charles Widmore?

What are the whispers!??!?

How does Ben control the Smoke Monster? Will Locke have the same power? What IS the Smoke Monster?

Who is Jacob?

Will Sawyer and Juliet hook up (eww… please no)?

I hate this show.


3 thoughts on “AWL Syndrome.

  1. YES!! I had thought of most of these questions as well…and was also yelling at my (computer) screen “PUT IT ON YOUR OWN ARM, STUPID!!” about the heart monitor. UG. So frustrating! And why on earth did Claire just suddenly abandon Arron/Turnip-Head? That seems so un-like her. And now showing up in Katie’s dreams being all like “hey, don’t bring my kid back to me…” when that Aussie psych guy (season one?) was supposedly purposefully sending Arron to the Island to be born and to keep him away from the rest of humanity. And Walt…he’s still such a mystery to me. “LOST” was the perfect title for this series. Either that or “You’re Going To Hate How Obsessed You Are With This Craziness,” but that’s a bit long.

  2. I read today online that the island may be in the same place, just 10 months later. That’s kind of interesting. And it also kind of makes sense? But if that’s the case, what happens to the people taken with the island during the 10 months?I feel that if Locke took the sensor off of the marine guy, it would have blown. He didn’t know that Michael was cooling it and that it could have taken a slight delay. That made me sad, but I wonder, really, who is actually DEAD at this point?I think Sun is after Ben. And maybe bagging Whidmore in the process. I watched some of the later episodes of S4 with Les today. I’m starting to think that when it’s all over and done I’m rewatching them all at once 🙂

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