the magic of PB and J

So after Status last night, my sis and I were hanging out and talking for awhile with our friend Chris in the lobby. Miriam and I were getting ready to go home/grab a bite to eat, when Chris (seemingly randomly) suggested that we have a picnic of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Earlier in the […]

on duality

darkness settles deep withindescends with a blissful sighwith a jarring thudlayer upon layersweet and seductivefoul and oppressivebeckoning and clawing, enticing and writhinghideously alluring compartmentalized. oh wretched duality. forialsosee beauty and truthand whispers and loveand propheciesand paradigms shiftedand prisoners freedand the wounded healed by body and blood and trajectories chosendestinies fulfilleda kingdom extendedcreation reclaimedand a battle […]

Searching for the Full House house

Yet another reason to love Ingrid Michaelson. When I thought she couldn’t get any cooler. Allie posted this video of her and Ingrid in San Fran, searching for the Full House house. She starts quizzing Ingrid about Full House trivia. I love that Allie just naturally feels compelled to start harmonizing with her toward the […]


Probably shouldn’t post this, since it’s so new (literally minutes new), but I’m in a careless mood. Ironically enough. In honor of unrealized DTRs everywhere. Cheers. Caution(C) 2008 I know the sound of your voice by nowIt spills out over the edge of an unsaid wordAn unmade vowWe’re taking all of the time that we […]