it’s too late to apologize

music: dreaming out loud by onerepublic

No, it’s not. Hooray for grace!:)

Seriously though, I went to go see OneRepublic and Dave Barnes at House of Blues last night with some friends. Amazing.

This is my concert breakdown:
the venue: House of Blues
the line-up: two pretty boys with guitars, Dave Barnes and OneRepublic
the company: friends Jeanne, Tiffany, Leslie and Susan
the weather: freakishly humid and rainy

the show review:

Two guys went on before Dave Barnes and OneRepublic, but I don’t remember who they were: Jason somebody and Rob somebody. This was definitely one of the more crowded HOB shows I’ve ever gone to.

  • Rob Somebody had one of those awesome drum boxes where all you did is play the beat on the box, but it sounds like a snare, high hat and bass. I want one.
  • Jason Somebody had one of those Red Nord keyboards. Everybody and their mother has one of those now. I’m not so sure I want one anymore. For that very reason.
  • I finally got to hear Dave Barnes live. The first time I had ever heard him was when Sydney called me from his show at New City Café in Knoxville, Tennessee. She had me listen to a couple songs through the cell phone. And then my ex-roomie Kyara gave me one of his CDs during our summer internship in New Orleans. Dave Barnes definitely takes me back to the summer of ’04, that’s for sure. He kind of reminds me of John Mayer, the way he solos on guitar in between verses. It’s very cool.
  • OneRepublic came on an agonizing two and a half hours later, but it was well-worth it. One dude with crazy hair played on the cello and they did all the songs I hoped they would (Say, Mercy, Stop and Stare, Apologize, Goodbye Apathy, All Fall Down, Come Home). They even did one of my new faves that I didn’t think they would do—track 9 which I don’t know the name of.

Ryan–front man for OneRepublic–told a funny story about when OneRepublic was invited to come perform on American Idol. Little did they know that he was supposed to sing a duet with David Archuleta. The stage manager apparently told Ryan that he and Archuleta were supposed to lock eyes at one point in the song and sing to each other. Of course Ryan flatly refused and swore to beat Archuleta up if he did.

Archuleta apparently just giggled sheepishly in response.


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