Solaseria at Stardust

Last night I finally got to go see Chase Patterson perform his Solaseria material at the Stardust Cafe in Winter Park. Very cool, earthy venue. Looks like a Vegan hangout (yeah, you know what I’m talking about). They rent out cool indie, foreign films. And I got a wonderful iced espresso for a mere $1.86.
For having just graduated high school, Chase is a impressively gifted songwriter. He thinks outside of the box as a writer and actually develops his ideas. He doesn’t submit to typical verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, chorus formula, which is refreshing. It’ll be cool to see what he does with his music. Check him out at Hurrah for local music!;)
However, I underestimated the caffeinated power of Stardust Cafe’s espresso–which I had only at 5pm to keep me fueled through the show and band rehearsal later in the evening–for the darned thing kept me up all hours of the night. Blah.
Incidentally, we–the OaKs–are playing a FREE, all ages show at Virgin Megastore in Downtown Disney this Sunday, June 8th from 7pm to 8pm. Please come out, as I think this will be the last OaKs show in Orlando for several months at least.

I’m out. Peace.

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