my Tuesday evening

music: girls and boys by ingrid michaelson

By popular demand (by that, I mean by popular demand of one person), I am continuing my episode reviews of my Dexter experience as it unravels.

Episode 1.5: “Love American Style”: I finagled my way into a free showing of Dexter at Jeanne’s because her blessed household has Showtime on Demand, which has all of Season 1 and 2 available. Glorious.

So my inner struggle last night was this: Do I practice delayed gratification and actually wait for the Netflix DVD to come tomorrow? Or do I indulge immediately because I can? Happily–or sadly, depending on your perspective–indulgence won out.

Also, this was my sneaky way of forcing my sister to watch Dexter, since she had categorically refused to do so this past weekend:)

(I love you, sister. Please don’t hate;)

I finally get the dark rhythm and quirky flavor of this show. Now I actually have time and freedom to enjoy the show’s finer technical aspects like creative camera angles and unique lighting and whatnot.

In a small way, this show reminds me a lot of The Pretender, a show from the mid 90’s that I’m pretty sure no one else but me watched. Dexter is like Jarod. Except whereas Jarod only messes with his victims, forces evidence from them (usually via some sort of taped confession) and turns them into the cops, Dex just kills ’em.

There were some great awkward moments where we have to see Dexter struggle with appearing normal and emotional, despite his psychopathic tendencies. I have never found unemotional so funny. Or equally heartbreaking.

Great character development episode.

Also, Mir and I went to see Kung Fu Panda last night with a lovely slew of friends. First, I was disgruntled to discover that Festival Bay has done away with $6 tickets on Tuesdays. What the crap. I intend to write a strongly worded email to Cinemark Management.

After enduring several exceedingly lame previews, the movie finally started. The animation was superb (especially the opening scene—wow!), the storyline was fairly simple and moral lesson was a wee bit cliche, but the humor was quite enjoyable:) I’m kind of skeptical of the content of animated films these days. I’m also weirded out by Pixar’s recent animated attempts to humanize inanimate objects (Cars, Wall-E).

But I’ll save that rant for another day;)

Because there’s only one thing left to say…



4 thoughts on “my Tuesday evening

  1. Oh Dexter.I promise that by the end of the season you really will be blown away.If you’re not already.It’s so hard to be quiet and not ruin the story.So… watching more tonight???

  2. ha Mir and I squeezed in one episode (number 6) before I went to the Social.And guess what? She finished the disc while I was away! Look what you’ve started…tsk tsk.

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