and the Dexter saga continues…

I was overjoyed to discover that despite Netflix’s unavoidable flaw of being inextricably bound to the timetable of the U.S. Postal service, they do offer certain DVDs online for free, available to watch at anytime. And Dexter is among the selections. So Miriam and I sat down to watch Episode 1.9 “Father Knows Best” last night. Glorious.

As I’m becoming more familiar with the show, I’m starting to get a handle on characters, elements and typical goings-on in any given episode, so I am restructuring my blog accordingly. Ironically enough, this episode didn’t seem to fit the mold of any previous episode.

For one, nobody got Dextered.

Anyway, I’m still testing this out, so let me know if you think it’s lame or not.

On the Job:

  • The episode begins with a unique twist. Whereas before Angel had some of the more comedic elements, along with domestic troubles in his attempt to keep up the facade of marital bliss, he gets caught up in intrigue when Doakes (I am beginning to love this man more and more by the way) shoots a mysterious man in a confrontation that nobody really witnesses. Intrigue ensues when Angel begins to question Doakes’ motive in shooting the guy. I really enjoyed Angel’s more dramatic scenes here.
  • Special Ops? Doakes? Suhweet. This man just became 10 times cooler. And I thought I couldn’t love him any more…
  • Aww, lay off the man, Lame-o Cop whose name we don’t even know. The guy’s just trying to do the right thing. Leave the big Latino teddy bear alone:P

The Future Mrs. Morgan?:

  • I like the whole family vibe in the opening scene though with the kids. Awww… will the psychopathic killer make a good dad? Only time will tell…
  • Paul: Somebody PLEASE give this man a haircut. And an AA sponsor. Seriously.
  • I like that Rita’s apparently grown a pair. She was a bit too whiny for my taste. But I guess her character arc had to go somewhere, eh?
  • Ugh. Paul is a terrible representative of the male species. He makes me mad.
  • Phew! I thought he was going to pop out of somewhere and block Rita and the kids from leaving. I thought she was really stupid until I saw her pull that baseball bat out. Yeaaaaah, Rita!

Code of Harry:

  • The title of the episode already signaled to me that Harry was going to be extremely important in this episode. Harry’s becoming more and more fascinating to me.
  • I question his parenting: Why not just put Dex in counseling instead of teaching him how to murder justly, if there even is such a thing?
  • I question his ethics. What is his logical basis for imparting to Dex the code that he did? How did he determine what was right? And what is his backstory that prepared him to be such a unique father? Soooo many questions. I look more and more forward to flashback scenes. Very revealing.
  • Aha! Yet another parallel to Jarod from The Pretender. Jarod also had AB- blood. I learned from that show, that only 1 in 300,000 families have that blood type, so yes, it is extremely rare. Don’t ask me how I remember that statistic..

Brothers & Sisters:

  • The scene between Deb and Dexter was awkward and lovely. You see their personalities juxtaposed so beautifully when Deb confronts Dex over his paternity. Deb is passionate; Dex is stoic; Deb is uncomfortably honest; Dex’s whole persona is a lie.
  • Gah… I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen when Deb inevitably discovers the identity of her boyfriend. It’s going to be a personal and professional disaster to the nth degree. But those are gonna be some gooooood scenes:)
  • Deb: Morgan here.
    Masuka: Wait, did I call the hot Morgan by mistake? Freudian. My subconscious has been exposed.
    Deb: Well, zip it up and tell me what’s going on.”
  • I freakin’ love this girl. Miriam made a comment that she wished she could quote Deb. She has all the best lines! But she also has f-bombs sprinkled every other word. Too bad.

The Ice Truck Killer:

  • CREEEEEEeeeepy. He just popped out of nowhere and said “Dexter. I’ve been waiting a long time to meet you.” Ahhhhhhh!!! Someone pleeeeease talk to that woman across the street. I KNOW she saw something…
  • Ewww. Creepy again. There he is making coffee. Getting up earlier than Dexter. What is this man’s agenda with Dexter? What does he hope to accomplish?
  • Ugh, he seriously has that whole Cillian Murphy thing going on–the pretty face, good smile, and yet sinister. It’s sinister prettiness.
  • Oh snap! Never mind. Poor sweet lady across the street is going to get Iced. Guh. Why did Dexter ignore her? Blah. I hate this show:P

The Dexter Factor:

  • So nobody got Dextered in this episode. Blast.
  • But it set so many things in motion. It planted seeds of doubt within Dexter’s mind to question Harry. It brought Dex and the man we now knows as the Ice Truck Killer face to face for the first time. I HATE it when the audience knows more than the characters do.
  • I am still trying to figure out Dexter’s moral core. Why does he adhere to Harry’s Code? Loyalty to Harry? Training like Pavlov’s dog? Does he have any sort of moral compass? Why stick to the code at all? I look forward to delving into this man’s psyche…
  • He is a paradox.

That’s all I got.


2 thoughts on “and the Dexter saga continues…

  1. – Interesting. I don’t think Leslie liked Doakes. My emotions towards him changed throughout the seasons like a rollercoaster.- If I were a kid, I wouldn’t mind Dex being my dad. Haha. That’s completely a joke.- I hate Paul.- I think I might have to watch the Pretender.- I’m fascinated by your complete change towards Deb. I always loved her sarcastic, hard-ass personality. But you really didn’t like her at first and now you do. Love it! The writing is so good and they have you in the palm of your hand.- Who is Cillian Murphy?- I must comment on your amazing verbs again.Okay, so I really cannot comment with any substance on your ponderings, which is kind of frustrating for me. I’m so happy Leslie and I have finally made it to the same page so that we can have for real convos about everything.EVEN BETTER is gonna be when I don’t know any more than all of ya’ll in Season 3. Seriously. Dexter parties right after church.I hope we get to hang out soon.

  2. -A warning about the Pretender: it was my favorite show at one point in my life, but keep in mind that i was like 12 years old at the time. I bought a couple of seasons of it recently and the acting is terrible, I realized. But you’re welcome to borrow seasons if you want:D; Jarod’s the opposite of Dex, too because he’s very emotional and compassionate and that’s what drives him. I think that’s why I like Dexter… It’s the Pretender with a huge twist.-I’m sure you know Cillian Murphy–he was the Scarecrow in Batman Begins and he was the psycho killer in Red Eye (with Rachel McAdams)….and I think he was in 28 days later which I haven’t seen, although i think he was the good guy in that one.-Guh. I can’t wait to catch up with you. But guess what? That won’t happen until August 19th.-I’m probably just going to buy the DVD and watch it all at once. I’m THAT committed…-haha we’re going to corrupt all of Status with our Dexter parties.-Let’s hang out soon!:)

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