more Dexter… (spoiler alert)

Episode 1.10: “Seeing Red”

Oh no. The episode is called “Seeing Red?” It MUST be the crazy, bloody room scene from the preview. Ewwwww….

So I was eating a burrito when this episode started and in anticipation of a bloody room, I had to put the burrito down.

Room 103. Is. Horrrrriffic. SICK.

Okay, it’s back to a Rita scene. I can eat my burrito now.

On the Job

  • So who’s the random Asian girl who discovers the cup of blood?
  • Doakes to Dexter: “Something finally got to you. You’re human after all.” For this reason, I love Doakes.
  • Wow, Doakes can read Dexter’s mind. Nice.
  • Dexter to LaGuerta: “Give that lady a lollipop.” Haha.
  • “What did the freak do this time? Boil your goldfish?” bahaha:)
  • Angel’s got a good lead on Icey. No, Angel, DON’T go talk to Icey for advice. He will KILL you… Gah.
  • aaahhhh… Icey’s gonna kill Angel! Never mind, his life is spared for now.
  • Parking garages late at night are never good. Keep your guard, up Angel.
  • Angel’s getting attacked! By none other than Icey, I’m sure:P

Code of Harry

  • More of the code unveiled: Dexter says the keys are: “Secrecy. Self Reliance. And stock of hefty bags.” Harry you are sick. What were you teaching this kid?
  • “Harry didn’t believe in pre-emptive killing, but Harry wasn’t perfect. After all, he lied about my birth father.” Thus begins the slippery slope. Interesting…
  • “Don’t get emotionally involved. I think this is why.” After Dex clocks Paul in the head while doing dishes. AWESOME.

Brothers and Sisters:

  • Deb is trying to make a connection with Dexter.
  • Dexter: “I’ll tell you if some random emotion hits me in the middle of the night, you’re the first one I”d call.” Debra: “Fine. Whatever.” Just talk it out, kids. Come on.
  • Aww. “How do you do it? Make me feel like I’m six years old again?” Aww, now Deb needs a hug.
  • “Dex you are all the family I have and I barely know you.” Heartbreaking.
  • I’m gonna cry. Seriously. Poor Deb:(

The Future Mrs. Morgan?:

  • Aww Dex gave Rita pepper spray. How romantic.
  • WHAAAAttt? Rita is attacking PAUL? Gimme a break. Class 2 assault? Maybe Dex and Rita can go to prison together. That wouldn’t be so bad.
  • Okay, so maybe Paul didn’t get a haircut. But he has a huge bandage wrapped around his head. Much better:)

The Ice Truck Killer

  • Icey is interrogating Deb about Dexter. He’s fascinated. That’s weird.
  • Whoa… Oh snap! Icey is more interested in talking about Dexter than in doing the deed with Deb. That’s messed up.
  • I think Icey has a crush on Dex. He showed up at his house. He offered him steak and beer. That’s what I would do if I were crushin’ on a guy…
  • DON’t give Icey a meat knife, Dex. Gah…
  • Oh don’t you toy with Deb’s heart like that. You are evil, Icey. Evil.
  • Acrotomophilia? What does that even mean?
  • Aaaaand he’s got a stash of nail polish in his drawer. SICK.
  • “I love you”? You are messing with my girl Deb now, Icey. That is NOT cool.
  • There he is, smiling away like Cillian Murphy again. Gah…

The Dexter Factor:

  • Dexter is reeling from the bloody room. Aww, I wanna give the guy a hug.
  • I’m assuming this is childhood trauma related? I’m pretty sure that was a flashback… What happened to his “parents”?
  • Dexter: “I always see other people’s problems much clearer than my own.” Ain’t that the truth. I think this is the key to understanding Dexter. He isn’t as self-aware as he thinks or pretends.
  • Paul is gonna get Dextered!!! Oh snap! But is this going to be an emotional kill for Dex?
  • Never mind. He just spared his life. And all because of the Code of Harry.
  • Now I have a glimpse into the trauma of Dexter’s youth. The pieces are coming together.
  • Dexter, you are not as emotionally detached as you are trying to trick the audience into believing you are. I’m onto you…

Wow, this show is starting to get even more intense. Don’t know if I can handle it…


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