Vote for me! (can’t believe I am saying this…:P)

If anybody had any doubt about my nerdiness, I fear that this blog entry shall confirm all suspicions once and for all.

I re-wrote the lyrics to Ingrid’s “The Way I Am” (sorry, I know… overkill with the Ingrid blogs already) and recorded my version on youtube (yep, I know) and submitted to Gibson Guitars’ “The Way I Am” contest. You’re supposed to do a cover, actually. I hope I don’t get points off for rewriting the thing.

The winner gets a beautiful Gibson SG, and runners-up get autographed CDs.

My actual aim in doing this was not to win the guitar, I just want Ingrid to hear my version since she’ll be judging the top 20, mostly because I think she’ll think it’s funny. Or at least entertaining.

Basically the premise of my re-write is that some fool in Louisville, KY took Ingrid’s lyrics seriously, when she sings “If you are chilly/Here take my sweater.” He/she (i’m guessing it’s a she since it’s a girl’s sweater, but it could be an emo kid, who knows) stole Ingrid’s new blue cozy sweater! Right off the stage. Ingrid blogged about it on her myspace.

So I rewrote the lyrics to “The Way I Am” to reflect the situation and also address this infamous Sweater Thief and submitted my video to the contest. I don’t think I’ll actually win… mostly because I’ll probably be disqualified for changing her lyrics. I’m actually pulling for a couple of the other contestants who are wonderful: Kiersten Holine (… this girl does amazing covers on youtube) and Tinted Image (he does a really cool jazzy version). All I want to do is make it into the Top 20 so Ingrid will watch it, since she’s judging the Top 20.

Anyway, if you want to help me out, go vote at You don’t necessarily have to watch every video (although it’s pretty entertaining), and you can click refresh until it comes to my video and then vote for me!

I’m actually doing decently right now…I’m ranked 12th, and that’s without even bulletining on myspace or facebooking. Don’t know if I’m gonna stoop to that level yet. Although I just may;)

CanNOT believe I am actually posting this blog entry… haha…


2 thoughts on “Vote for me! (can’t believe I am saying this…:P)

  1. YES. because the original lyrics are “i’ll buy you rogaine/when you start losing all your hair”so i would steal it. brilliant change, i realize.and thanks for voting. you’re a pal.

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