Voting update and new song posted!:)

Thanks for everybody who’s been voting for the Way I Am contest. So cool! Special thanks to Paige for rallying votes on the West Coast;) In any given moment, I waver anywhere between 4th and 10th. Fate is so fickle in this thing. I also need to stop compulsively checking it, I think…haha.

Exciting news… I uploaded the first track of my in-process demo EP up onto my musicnation profile. You can check it out @

I guess I’ll create a music myspace eventually, but I’m slacking on that:P Musicnation is easier. And prettier if you’re lazy with html like me.

Anywho the new track is called “paper hearts” and I hope you guys enjoy it.

It’s especially dedicated to anyone who has ever felt a little aimless, especially post-graduation..

Stop by and have a listen and feel free to vote again, if you feel so motivated;)



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