sisterly confessions

Special thanks to Oscar Cortez of (and Courtney) for redesigning my blog. Hooray!

Nothing is more random than a Yeti, that’s for sure.

So amusing story… (to me anyway)

Last week, I had met up with my friends Jeanne and Leslie for dinner, and afterward at their house, we somehow discovered that they did in fact have the entire Season 2 of Dexter still on Showtime on Demand, even though they had previously believed as of a couple weeks ago, they lost access to all of Season 2. So we decided to watch an episode. We picked it up right where I had left off at Episode 5.

However, I decided not to tell Miriam, for fear that she would get mad at me for watching an episode ahead of her and I secretly felt guilty for skipping ahead of her. She was in the middle of a three day shift at the hospital and probably wouldn’t have time to watch an episode anyway, but in the event that she did, I resolved to just feign surprise and shock as we watched episode 5.

I really didn’t think too much about it, until yesterday morning as we were driving home from church. Miriam said, “Melissa, I have a confession to make.” Uh oh. This is not good. Ron had just done a sermon that morning on confession and repentance so I was bracing myself for an intense conversation of some sort…

Miriam: “I actually watched two and a half episodes of Dexter while you were gone last night.”

What?! And here I was feeling guilty all this time. I actually remember walking in the house after Lauren’s party and she was sitting on the couch with my laptop, and then she put it away as soon as I came in. I didn’t think anything of it, but she later confessed that she was in the middle of an episode when I walked in and shut it off when I came inside the house!

What would have been really funny is if we had watched Episode 5 together and both pretended to not have seen it and acted all surprised at the plot twists and laugh during the funny scenes.

We are so silly.

I just realized this is my last post of the month of June (where did this month go?) and this is the most productive month I’ve ever had. Between Dexter and Ingrid Michaelson, it’s been one crazy month, I’d say…;)


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