You know you’re obsessed with Dexter when…

So the following are real live examples from my life. I kid you not.

This is the beginning of an ongoing list, I’m sure. Feel free to add to my list.

You know you’re obsessed with Dexter when…

  • You unintentionally start getting ready in the morning by humming the theme song of the show’s opening credits.
  • You are in Walgreens shopping for some Vitamin C boost and see lozenges on the shelves and your first thought is “Ice Truck Killer.”
  • You are shopping for shoes and you see this:

…and you immediately have to take a photo of it.


I have not been motivated as much this season to blog about Dexter, however I do have some overall thoughts on Season 2 so far…

I feel like my opinion of every single character has drastically fluctuated for better and worse over the past 9 episodes. And I’m sure it’ll change again for the remaining three…

  • I am disappointed at how Lila took advantage of Dexter’s vulnerability. It seemed like he was on the road to mastering–or at least dealing with–his issues. He opened up to another human being potentially as messed up as him, someone who could potentially understand him as he really is. And he got burned for it (no pun intended. Psycho Pyro Lila). This made me upset mostly because when we initially saw Lila helping Dex out, I thought, “Wow this girl’s good. Unconventional, but good.” Little did I know that her ability to help Dex was really born out of this twisted neediness within herself. Ugh.
    • Dexter: (voice over) “Lila almost had me believing it was possible, to change, to become something else. As if that ever really happens. I’ve always known what I am. (pulls on gloves in preparation for a kill) If the glove fits…” This made me sad:( So now he’s back to Dextering the dregs of society.
    • Incidentally, I wonder if they’re intentionally exploring the superhero elements. First we have Icey, now we have Pyro. Maybe next season we’ll have Krypton.
    • Dexter: (voice over)” I’d almost forgotten this feeling, driving toward a kill, all my senses sharpened. It’s like I’ve been living underwater, holding my breath, and now I can finally breathe. So how come it’s so suffocating in here?” It’s because you’re a human being with emotions, not a monster. Embrace your humanity, Dex, don’t stifle it.
    • Anyway, I essentially felt betrayed by Lila. I want to go beat up that pale, English vampire right now. Deb will help me. Haha.
  • Harry’s past becomes increasingly shady. We’re initially led to believe that the trauma of Dex’s early life is what made him. But in truth–Harry significantly shaped Dexter, in how to train his impulses. Did Harry truly help or harm Dexter? Only time will tell…
  • I was wondering the whole time if Deb’s affinity for Lundy was going to become an attraction. Although there was something very sweetly awkward about them together from that first 1p.m. lunch by the harbor thing, I definitely had mixed feelings about it. On one hand, the age difference is a little weird. But on the other, Lundy is the one person who can provide Deb with security and innate goodness and character and stability, something she definitely needs, what with all of the other men in her life being serial killers and all. And he’s the FBI rock star. Kind of poetic that the fiance and sister of two notorious serial killers has a relationship with the Fed that hunts them down.
  • Rita’s mom annoyed the crap out of me. Good riddance. I am so thankful my mom is nothing like that.
  • I have never been crazy about Rita, but she’s shown gumption this season.
  • I wonder if they will actually catch Dex. Lundy’s good at his job. Real good.
  • If/when Deb finds out about her brother… Wow, I am not looking forward to that. My heart hurts for her already.
  • Doakes. Doakes, Doakes, Doakes. I was annoyed at him for the first few episodes and his stalker eyes staring down over his grimacing mouth. After Doakes believes Dex is a heroin addict, he cooled off a little and it was fine. For awhile. Now he’s hunting through Dex’s apartment and found his little blood on glass slide collection. Uh oh….

Anyway, I have no idea how this is all going to pan out and I am about 5 seconds away from just finishing the entire season….





8 thoughts on “You know you’re obsessed with Dexter when…

  1. You know you’re obsessed with Dex when:- You want to date a guy named Dexter just so you can call him Dex.- You take photo sessions inspired by his show.I’m sure there are more.I always hated Lila. Crazy Brit.Oh Harry. More to talk about on that when you finish the season. So many questions I still have about that.Deb+Lundy = Barf. Ick. Doakes… I always liked him. He made me laugh in the beginning when he’d call Dexter a psycho.Finish it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I only have two more episodes!:)I was initially creeped out by Lila, then liked her. Now I completely loathe her. Deb + Lundy may be barf but it makes sense, narratively. She’s got daddy issues too. I did NOT want to see Lundy’s butt though. Yuck. Yeah, Doakes is trapped in the cocaine cabin cage right now. I think he’s gonna get Dextered. SAD. Guess I’ll find out soon… He shouldn’t have taken it so personally. If he had just done this by the book he could’ve caught Dexter. But wait…then the show would be over. This show messes up my loyalties and sense of justice.

  3. So,I predict that by the final episode you’ll create a new verb.You’re right about Doakes. If you’ve seen the episode (I’m sure you have) where Dex tells him he should have had a personal life and it wouldn’t have come to that: true.

  4. haha i’m coming up dry. maybe YOU should invent the new verb:) I at least came up with a new nickname (Psycho Pyro). I seriously think it’s cool how they’ve done Fire and Ice as the Dex’s villains. It’s got this subtle (or not so subtle) superhero flair to it…

  5. haha I just realized I accidentally wrote “the Dex” in my last comment. but i kinda like that.The Dex. If you cross him, the Dex will Dexter you.

  6. I know I’m commenting on a really old post, but it was so nice to read an article talking about Dexter Season Two, the golden age.

    And Doakes. Man, I felt so sorry for Doakes.

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