Desert Song by Jill McCloghry and Brooke Fraser

I can’t even begin to comprehend how much pain was wrapped up in the moment of singing this song.

I just finished “The Problem of Pain” by C.S. Lewis (totally brill, by the way… don’t know why I was surprised) which I’ll probably formulate some thoughts on a later entry, but hearing this story and song after reading that book brought this whole intellectual idea back down to the personal and emotional for me.

“let us press on to acknowledge Him…”

Enough words. Just watch.

7 thoughts on “Desert Song by Jill McCloghry and Brooke Fraser

  1. wow that’s a really good song.what caught me in that interview was when she said “sometimes i don’t feel like singing to God”–but she does it anyway.I guess I’ve been thinking a lot about musical worship lately since I’ve been playing/singing at church more, and I have all things random thoughts in my head about worship but they all come down to one thing–it’s all about God. So even if we’re not “feeling” it, we can still praise God…and it’s actually pretty awesome that he does let something that’s all about Him have an effect on us (e.g. feeling Him, joy, happiness, enjoyment of music).Anyway, that was kind of random, but it’s your randomness blog…so…yea, thanks for posting the video.

  2. I don’t have time to watch this now, but if you blog on PoP remind me not to read it.I don’t know if you know this about me, but I don’t like previews. It’s much more fun to dive into a book/movie without a clue about what’s going to happen, as long as you’ve been told it’s a good book/movie.But.Then again.The title kind of gives it all away.Have you read A Grief Observed? If not, you have to borrow my copy when I get home. It’s 66 pages and an easy read (well relative to his other books) and it will blow your mind.

  3. Libby–I sometimes wrestle with truly wanting to be genuine, responding authentically to God when I worship. So many times we act from our emotions and we only praise God when we feel like it. And we fall back on “well I shouldn’t fake it” when we don’t feel it and it’s easy to spiral away off in another direction. And the stakes are raised too, when you’re the one “leading” worship (as you know). However, lately I’ve been acutely aware of how equally my will has a say in things when my over-analytical brain or fickle emotions take centerstage all too often. But we can choose to do something like praise God and it still be genuine, even if we don’t “feel” like that.Hope that makes sense. These thoughts are random as well;)Jeanne–Don’t worry;) I will clearly title the blog entry “On the Problem of Pain” or in some other obvious fashion so you will know;) And I DEFINITELY want to read A Grief Observed after PoP. I think it’s a natural segue. Because he definitely goes way dense and logical in PoP and I want to hear from his own personal experience.

  4. So I completely forgot (thanks Mir) that my good friend Melanie is friends with Jill, the singer featured in this video.Might have been a good to include that bit of trivia;)Also, I guess that means I’m 3 degrees away from Brooke Fraser. Hotel Cafe, here I come!Kidding, kidding. (kinda)

  5. I have always been blessed by Hillsong church, the worship and teaching. For a long time I have wanted to buy a DVD to share with others who come home. I have finally bought and watched “THIS IS OUR GOD”, and been blessed by Jill, Reueben, and the rest of the worship team. To God be the Glory, Forever.Adrian.

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