sleepless, alone

a thought stirs

a faceless dread
a nameless fear
blurred and indistinct
finding traction in silence
in solitude
earlier today
i fiddled and twisted the plastic straw
it cracked and split
torn asunder by boredom, by idleness
by a distracted mind
why so destructive?
i peered hard into the darkness
willing and straining
to see as you do
to feel as you do
but all i caught was a glimpse
of the grotesque
leering back at me
with a casual sneer
and i realize
in numbness
as i peer through
that in the mirror
the looking-glass
and the clouded puddle
steeped in southern rain
the reflection is mine.
and beholding
the Beautiful, the Terrible
a ruinous Truth
i give and i strive
to bleed and pour out
to sharpen my will
to fill out my senses
to bring heart and mind
into one accord
and where fear may reign
bring Love subversive
to dissolve
and bear away the dross
where waves and particles and molecules
interacting, shaping
and changing the composition
and the very fabric
of you
of me
and colors, once indistinct and imperfect
sharpen and blend and swirl
until everything is new
and whole
and full
and all reflects You.

2 thoughts on “reflection

  1. This is the line that stands out to me as an astute observation of personas …”and beholdingthe Beautiful, the Terriblea ruinous Truth”

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