Life Lessons from Super Mario World

Tonight, while playing/watching others play Super Mario World on Supernintendo last night with Walter, Alecia, Leslie, Chris and Jeanne, we realized that there are quite a number of valuable life lessons to be gleaned while braving the tricky, tempestuous, two dimensional world that is Super Mario. Lesson # 1 – Embrace the mantra of “Duck […]

the Abyss

I am tumbling. Down, down, down. The sensation is pleasant at first. The feeling of weightlessness seems euphoric. Then, suddenly, Terror grips me I feel my windpipe constrict Reeling and flailing I kick and struggle and resist but to no avail. Jagged rock and clods of dirt grasp and cling Bite and scratch unrelentingly I […]

split second view

panorama as when the clouds roll back,revealing for an instanta mountain’s snow-capped splendorand majestic charmin momentary clarity ’til a mere twist and tilt of the earthby mist and meteorological certaintyby the whim of a delicate windit is shrouded again dissipates yet burnedupon memoryand longing these daysthe glint of the horizongleams sharper, purerand catches the pink-tipped […]

My Summer of Movies

I just went back and tried to think of every single movie I’ve seen in the theater since May. It’s certainly been a crazy summer for movies. ExpelledPrince Caspian (2x)Indiana Jones 4 (2x)Iron ManSex and the CityKung Fu PandaThe HappeningWantedGet SmartHancockThe Dark Knight (1 in IMAX, 1 in regular)The X-Files MoviePineapple ExpressThe Incredible Hulk This […]

Dex and Icey: mimetic rivalry?

Preface: Again this is one of those blogs, where if you haven’t seen Season 1 of Dexter, you really shouldn’t read this anyway. I mean you should… but only AFTER you watch Season 1. Seriously, go away. Go watch it right now. And then you can earn the right to read this blog. I mean, […]

Scrabulous: say farewell to an era

So last week, I was dismayed to discover that Scrabulous had been disabled on facebook until further notice. When I logged in to Scrabulous, I was greeted by this little harbinger of depression: Granted, I haven’t been obsessively playing this game as much as I had in the past, but there was certainly a time […]