My Summer of Movies

I just went back and tried to think of every single movie I’ve seen in the theater since May. It’s certainly been a crazy summer for movies.

Prince Caspian (2x)
Indiana Jones 4 (2x)
Iron Man
Sex and the City
Kung Fu Panda
The Happening
Get Smart
The Dark Knight (1 in IMAX, 1 in regular)
The X-Files Movie
Pineapple Express
The Incredible Hulk

This seriously has to be my own personal record for movies seen in one summer.

And I haven’t even seen Wall-E yet!

2 thoughts on “My Summer of Movies

  1. listen, you… Sometimes who you see the movie with is more important than what the movie is. I DO want to see Wall-E though… Maybe 2.50 theater when it comes ’round..

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