recording update

So despite the fact that I have been a proud Macbook owner for a couple of months now, I have only recently been putting said Macbook to productive use in recent weeks via Garage Band. I recorded a couple of newer tracks recently, which I’ve uploaded to my myspace at So if it strikes your fancy, please check it out. Lately I’ve been uploading and deleting tracks like crazy, so pardon me if my myspace seems a little ADD at the moment.

I am a novice recording engineer and I’m learning as I go, so my tracks are rough at best. I intend to enlist the help of older, wiser people who are old hands at this when I’m further along.

Also, I’m forgetting how spoiled I was when I had lovely Martin guitars an arm’s reach away last time I laid down guitar tracks in David Lipps’ Spareroom Studios. I need some new guitar strings for my Breedlove, and even then, I’m not really a fan of how Breedloves sound in a recording session. Ah well. There’s just something about Martins that sound so sweet. The Breedlove is a bit too treble-ly. But I guess I gotta work with what I got.

I must confess I’ve gotten a bit crazy with the recording, perhaps even obsessive. The other night, I came home quite late and my sister was already sleeping, but I just HAD to record. However, Miriam gives me room and board at a fair rate and as I did not want to awaken her from her slumber, thereby jeopardizing our favorable financial dealings, I had to find a way to muffle the sound…

…So I closed my bedroom door, stuck a towel on the crack to block out sound, went inside my closet, shut THAT door and stuck ANOTHER towel on the closet door to block sound, plunked my Mac down on the laundry basket and recorded some vocals in there. On the laundry basket. In the closet. Oh yeah.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to blog about my recording misadventures as they occur. So keep a look out for more updates.

The newest tracks are:

The Chain: My cover of Ingrid Michaelson’s song. Since it’s not available anywhere (Ingrid hasn’t even released a recording of it yet), I thought it would be fun to record it myself. Hope she doesn’t sue me. I’ve already changed the lyrics to her “The Way I Am” and re-recorded it for all of cyberworld to see…I bet she’s regretting letting me sing with her. haha.
Caution: My newest song. I recently took it down, but I will be uploading it again fairly soon.
Hello, Daineal: This is the first song I’ve written on the ukelele, which I am way excited about. Also, this one is kind of an inside joke, which, if you really use your noggin, I’m sure you could figure it out (Hint: read the lyrics). I ain’t gonna spell it out for ya.

And for the record, the lyrics are “Hello, Dai, hello,” not “Hello, die, hello.”

I am not telling anybody to die.

That would just be rude.


3 thoughts on “recording update

  1. Wow, some really awesome stuff, Melissa…I really like “Colors” and freaking dig the uke action on “Hello, Daineal.”And you’ve inspired me to update my myspace page…hopefully the inspiration will lead to action.

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