My Songs: A Tribute to My Friends

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of humorous, heartbreaking, poignant and lovely encounters with beautiful people. And over the course of these friendships, I’ve often been inspired to write songs, some serious, some not so serious. I’ve often said that although I am not easily impressed, experiences and people often do make a deep […]

A Tiny Tragedy

This past weekend, Jeanne told me she accidentally killed a lizard while trying to free him from her home. They have way too many lizards that lurk outside their back patio door… The same day she told me of this incident that led to the unfortunate demise of this creature, we managed to successfully free […]

I apologize for the long stretch of radio silence that has dominated this blog of late. Much of my attention has been directed to my latest obsession:, a new website that my friend Jonathan Lipps co-created with his friend Brad Wolfe. The site is a really cool concept: it’s a creative outlet/forum for people […]