I apologize for the long stretch of radio silence that has dominated this blog of late. Much of my attention has been directed to my latest obsession:, a new website that my friend Jonathan Lipps co-created with his friend Brad Wolfe.

The site is a really cool concept: it’s a creative outlet/forum for people to share their artistic works (be it poetry, film, songs, stories, visual artwork, etc.) and the inspiration behind them. You can comment on other people’s works and then perhaps even be inspired yourself!

Currently, inclusion in the site is available by beta invite only, but if you’re interested in joining just let me know and I’ll send you an invite! You should check out the site.

My URL on the site is:

Check it like it’s hot.


3 thoughts on “

  1. 1) It is hot. “This is why I’m hot.”2) It’s awesome. Much better than Blogspot.3) Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Um. Okay, I have these two crappy, crappy items left to work on for work and I’m avoiding it by typing random nothings on your blog. Gotta run (literally)Haha :)I’m ready for Australia.

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