A Tiny Tragedy

This past weekend, Jeanne told me she accidentally killed a lizard while trying to free him from her home.

They have way too many lizards that lurk outside their back patio door…

The same day she told me of this incident that led to the unfortunate demise of this creature, we managed to successfully free another rogue lizard, death-free with the aid of a broom.

So, without further ado, I give you: A Tiny Tragedy, a poem by mel

Here, lizard, lizard.

I shall free you from my home.

‘Til you are squashed by my good intentions

(just like Lennie Small did).

Smashed to guts and innards
by a narrow glass prison

Also known as
a door.

To me, a benevolent passageway to freedom
To you, a suffocating Alcatraz of death.

Crushed, by your finite mistrust
of my infinite stature and design.

Oh, well.

Better luck next time.

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