please watch this: even and especially if you hate politics

If you’re like anybody else, you’re probably sick of all the political talk lately and you’ve probably made up your mind on who you’re voting for. I tend to bow in and out of politics talk at my own whim, but this is an important video to watch.

This is the first video of six segments. If you watch the first one, you’ll find links to the remaining five on YouTube.


4 thoughts on “please watch this: even and especially if you hate politics

  1. I was going to watch this and totally forgot it was on! I’m glad you posted it here. I haven’t had time yet to watch more than the intro but I usually find Stossel to be right on.

  2. Couple of thoughst:1. I think I am voting for Brad Pitt now. ;)2. Who is the guy in the pink pants near the beginning? Whaaat?3. An obvious, but I guess necessary observation.

  3. Holy junk, these are some good videos. The editing is amazing, really amazing. Thanks for linking this up.And I’m all about the ideas being presented- we don’t want a president, we want a messiah.The skating rink is a kinda good analogy, especially with its free market focus, but I feel reaches at parts. The rink works fine when everyone goes by the understood rules, but what if someone decided to go the opposite way and push people over? There needs some form of regulation, but regulation does work best when it is most minimal.

  4. “What would Brian Boitano do?”LOL–That phrase was made into a song in the South Park movie.*language video–the whole “spontaneous organization” concept is really interesting! The problem I’m seeing is that people do well when they have a common goal, but so often people have different, and even opposing views, so what happens then?I agree with these commentators that people are putting WAY too much faith in the presidency. And I think (gasp) Obama supporters are far more guilty than McCain supporters. But that childhood obesity thing was pretty funny.

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