So I’m in the middle of reading the Brothers Karamazov. It’s been such an interesting character/ideology study so far. I’m only about a third of the way through at this point, but this passage stood out to me for some reason. Smerdyakov, the old servant’s son (or so we think) has begun to show his […]

Dexter blog revived

After a long hiatus from blogging about anything Dexter-related, I am resuming. To be honest, I had been more or less disappointed with Season 3 thus far. I should know by now that the whole structure of a Dexter season is about 66% plot set up and about 33% pay off. The problem is, with […]

My First 10K

Back from a long hiatus of uninspired blogging, I finally found something I believe is blog worthy… I finished my first ever 10K on Sunday. Jeanne, Dana and I ran in the Florida Hospital 10K in Celebration. I had often attended these running events as a supporting friend or family member when my dad has […]

The Lure

How quickly I throw in the towel. I confidently (arrogantly?)cast my lineThe lure lands lightlyBreaking up the placid waterStirring the pool But only ever so slightly. Jerking the line aroundI strive to anticipate your desireThe lure dances and glittersBobbing up and downFlashing in the sunlightSo swift, so easy So noncommital. I keep my soul safely […]


The story: This poem was born out of thoughts and conversation from atop the Space Needle on a beautiful Seattle evening. I was hoping this would be a song, but for now the thoughts are a poem. The idea for this started when I stepped out on the observation deck of the Space Needle and […]