Remembering, Re-Creating 2008

I was looking over my 2008 LOST calendar and looking at the dates and events I had marked down, mapping out my life for 12 months. I decided in celebration of the New Year, that I’d ruminate/highlight/chronicle the most memorable parts of my life as it unfolded in 2008. A quote from one of my […]

Breakdancing Elves

Friday night, I attended the Singing Christmas Tree spectacular event at First Baptist Orlando on Friday night, as part of a Christmas outing for work. The sheer size of First Baptist always overwhelms me whenever I walk inside its doors. I’d gone there for various events and concerts over the years, the most recent being […]

The World Forgetting, by the World Forgot

Thanks to Jeanne (and by default, Cole), I have been listening to WNYC’s Radiolab podcasts lately. So far, I’ve listened to the ones called “Choice,” “Emergence,” and “Memory and Forgetting.” You should really check out the podcasts. They’re about an hour long, so save it for the commute or something;) I’m not going to get […]