weather report

latelymoments seem sweetercolors, sharper and more vividlaughter, more heady and pureand Time, far more precious like rare drops of rainfalling soft and pureupon the lonely, cracked earthmy thirsty soul revels in the delugeand i amdrenched in lovein songin artin complete and utterJOY. these tiny treasuresspill and splash upon my facesoaking, enthralling my spirit rejuvenation. quick, […]

on prayer: troupe

we are quite the act, you and i. a dancea tangoa messy, freeing entanglementof arms and legsof hipsof breathof movement your hand upon mineand upon the small of my backwhilerhythm and passionintertwineand i lose controlover and overand underand beneathfervent summer nights we inherit the riskand the whirlwindwhile we shimmer togetherdrunk with winewith wordswith intimacy the […]

Short Story: Quest

I went urban exploring for the first time with a small group of friends. Toward the end of our little adventure, an intriguing red velvet wooden box caught my eye. My friend Brian retrieved it, I imagine my friend Jeanne felt as intrigued as I and I promised both I’d write a story about it.Here […]

Tension, Dialectics of Thinking and Philip Yancey

Tension. Lately, my heart has been overwhelmed with the intricacies of human thought, motivation and behavior. People perceive situations and process information and experiences so differently, it’s a wonder the world hasn’t yet exploded (or imploded) from the chaos and pain this tension creates. I discovered the dialectics of thinking my freshman year of college. […]

Short Story: The Sculpture

This was my accidental foray into a genre known as magical realism. I say accidental because I did not even know that magical realism was a genre until my friend Billy enthusiastically informed me. Gabriel García Márquez (of 100 Years of Solitude) is apparently a recent famous author who is known for this genre, although […]