on prayer: troupe

we are quite the act, you and i.

a dance
a tango
a messy, freeing entanglement
of arms and legs
of hips
of breath
of movement

your hand upon mine
and upon the small of my back
rhythm and passion
and i lose control
over and over
and under
and beneath
fervent summer nights

we inherit the risk
and the whirlwind
while we shimmer together
drunk with wine
with words
with intimacy

the stars blink and smile
and watch our shadows
glide across the floor.

still, my love,
i have traded you in

and i assume the role of master
innocently, maniacally
pulling your strings
jerking your movements
twisting your head
into a garish, ghastly

how i shape this discord
to harness your motion
to choreograph your steps
to contrive and conform into

a safe, pleasant, harmless thing

where i always come out on top
and i rule the world

and so i emerge
perfect and scar-less

a heartless being
a lifeless doll

shake me up, my dear
before i rob myself again.


4 thoughts on “on prayer: troupe

  1. I love this, great imagery and I can feel a beat in your words. innocently, maniacallypulling your stringsjerking your movementstwisting your headinto a garish, ghastlytarantellathis is very evocative. and i wish i had written the last line 😉 thou shalt not cover thy neighbors talent, thou shalt not covet thy neighbors talent…

  2. This is really great Melissa!”and so i emergeperfect and scar-lessa heartless beinga lifeless doll”Alas, the price we pay for guarding our hearts and shielding our souls.

  3. But there are some of us who have let our hearts go for so long that we need to guard our hearts to protect what’s left, but I guess that’s not the case with God.

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