weather report

moments seem sweeter
colors, sharper and more vivid
laughter, more heady and pure
and Time,
far more precious

like rare drops of rain
falling soft and pure
upon the lonely, cracked earth
my thirsty soul revels
in the deluge
and i am
drenched in love
in song
in art
in complete and utter

these tiny treasures
spill and splash upon my face
soaking, enthralling my spirit


quick, love
let me dance
let me drown
before they dissipate
only to return to the sky
as a mere mist
a vapor

a beautiful, immaterial dream.

i’m confident they shall return to me again
whether in a flood
a summer storm
or morning mist

though whether here or there
or when
i cannot say

but until then
i tilt my cup toward the resplendent sky

and pray for rain.


One thought on “weather report

  1. quick, love let me dance let me drownsome of your lines really spring out. I recall feeling this way, it is SUCH a blessing, such a gift to feel joy. your reveling in it is utter wisdom.

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