Mel’s Greatest Meals of All Time

I’ve had quite a few memorable meals in my life time. Jeanne often disparages my inability to pick “favorites.” When it comes to picking favorite movies, books, colors, memories, favorite ANYTHING–I typically am dumbfounded and at best can only come up with a “favorite realm.” I do however, have very clear favorite meals. Some of […]

from the vineyard

“Now let me sing to my Well-beloved A song of my Belovedregarding His vineyard.”Isaiah 5:1 This whole passage has deeper meaning and imagery for me now, having just visited a vineyard. We visited Benziger Winery in Sonoma Valley yesterday afternoon. We had the most perfect picnic lunch of wine, three kinds of cheese, Tapenade (delicious […]

Grand Canyon adventures

This morning got up early to watch the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. Despite the fact that Walter confirmed Gary’s assertions that he does in fact snore, I somehow had a restful evening. I will however be using ear plugs tonight, courtesy of Jeanne;) We hiked down the Bright Angel Trail, descending below differing layers […]