the wind on the water (part ii)

This is disconcerting. This unraveling of self. Like ribbons unwindingIntertwinedin an unpredictable windHow instantly currents of airRipple through usChanging us. I read of desert windsthat rape and mar the landthe harmattan of the Saharathe aajej of Moroccoand dust storms that conquer menand the knives they unsheath and I read ofsecret winds,untamed windsunnamed winds This, here […]

seeing double

The wind shifts on the balcony, carrying whispers of arrogance and playfulness and spontaneity toward me, washing over my face, cooling my skin. I study the image in the looking-glass, bemused by the foreigner I see. She is a tourist. She is a wanderer. She is human. The scathings of travel shows clear upon her […]