the wind on the water (part ii)

This is disconcerting.

This unraveling of self.
Like ribbons unwinding
in an unpredictable wind
How instantly
currents of air
Ripple through us
Changing us.

I read of desert winds
that rape and mar the land
the harmattan of the Sahara
the aajej of Morocco
and dust storms
that conquer men
and the knives they unsheath

and I read of
secret winds,
untamed winds
unnamed winds

This, here
in my backyard
is but a sudden, casual breeze.

Upon my own distinct piece of fragility
I traveled far in my mind.
Imagine myself cast upon the wind and the water
Kissing droplets of rain and dust, alike.
I find solidarity with
such fleeting elements.

You disappear, I disappear.

We are magicians, all.

We whisper enchantments
Words exquisite
And in a charming, playful flourish
Or in one cold, hard stare
One grand, sweeping motion of showmanship
A magical, invisible wall forms
Enveloping, shielding you
Wrapped in a silent, motionless
cocoon of being
and solitude

For the briefest of moments.

I followed your steps
across tidal pool rocks
matching your path
but I find
I could not quite keep up with your pace

and I feel so small
sitting by the ocean
sitting next to you.

You bear your past
On skin, on soul
a secret you keep for yourself
and I will revel in my unknown
the same as you do.

In the end
These paths
of wind, of water, of rock
and Silence
are the frailest of walls
yet a singular thread connects us all

and Love,
please remember

that things are better
so much better

when you are around.

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