II Corinthians 4:16“So we do not lose heart. Even though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed day by day.” Today, I read an article by Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline. In it, he describes this verse as expressing tenacity, “we do not lose heart”; realism “outer nature […]

portrait of the artist by an easel

First, blank. With all the pure visionof the glory self in minda far-off, luminous sightNow, shrouded and mysteriousby an eternal, ephemeral cloud bank Creation begins. A singularityA kissA brushstroke. Then, with pure and tentative movementsYou, slowly and deliberatelyPour Your colors deep into me Every earthen fiber and golden sunriseI breathe in Your breathstill gaspingthroughrough edges […]

the universe (infinitely expanding?)

I waved hi at you. The universe, eternal in its expansion.I reside here, trapped in a bubble which will never quite reachyours.You waved at me through galaxiesand planet rings and dying stars. The sadness hidden in your confident gaze pierces my soul,sending twinges and tiny pints and packetsof regret Because of this shared knowledgeyou and […]

on Romans 12…

I’ve been incredibly thirsty for Scripture lately. Traveling throughout Australia has brought a lot of wonder, beauty, enjoyment deep into my soul lately, but there’s something about the incessant transience of life that occasionally makes it difficult to find true moments of reflection and solitude. And so I’ve felt that lack in the past week, […]

books and falling from the sky

We are at Airlie Beach, on the northern coast of Queensland in Australia. We’re staying at Backpackers by the Bay, a small, laid-back hostel that seems perfectly fitted for this breezy, tropical weather. It sits on a hilltop that overlooks Boathaven Bay, a curved shore that hugs the blue and green water which is dotted […]