the universe (infinitely expanding?)

I waved hi at you.

The universe, eternal in its expansion.
I reside here, trapped in a bubble which will never quite reach
You waved at me through galaxies
and planet rings and dying stars.

The sadness hidden in your confident gaze
pierces my soul,
sending twinges and tiny pints and packets
of regret

Because of this shared knowledge
you and I, our paths collided
one sweltering afternoon.
And together we stared down the beast.

Laughing, resigning, with a carefree grin,
and a seared conscience in tow
You tore after the beast, chasing her
down, across the galaxy,
passing through a rift in the sky
where the universe is rent apart
and through that tiny, impenetrable tear,

you disappeared.

The planets danced and sparkled
and you found solace, in skin upon skin
in breath and tears
mingled together.

I stood watching part of myself
tear through the night sky
marveling at your path
twisting out of sight,
departed from mine.
until you were nothing but a memory
a conversation on a darkened porch
a gaze I once held
a voice I once recognized,
and loved.

since then, I’ve paddled along
quite calmly
along a starlit river
never once sensing my world
to be muffled with
so animal a presence.

that universe pulls farther and farther away from me

and I watch, waiting silently
as it stretches on by.


2 thoughts on “the universe (infinitely expanding?)

  1. I do so like this one, despite my incorrect perceptions. I’m jealous of your stream of consciousness…

  2. why, thank you. and it’s not necessarily about only one thing. refracted verity:)and don’t be. my stream is more often a river bed, than a river. 😉

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