the astronomist

It is blasphemously cold tonight, but that does not concern her. She slips out of the window, planting her bare feet in the blanket of snow of the overhang. The thin green flannel afghan is all that shields her frailty from the intrusion of the wind. The crescent moon hung low in the sky, the […]

the orchard

She stood among the dirt and leaves, sweat dripping from her brow. The garden and the trees and flowers shimmered around her, shivering in the wind with delight. The fragrance of the orchard rose up lazily, playfully up into the air. Round and round the plot of land, swirled a high stone wall, breached only […]

hope is cynicism’s antithesis.

Since Jeanne and I have been in Sydney, we’ve had numerous opportunities to attend Hillsong Church. I have listened to Hillsong music and worship CDs and DVDs since at least middle school, and my appreciation for their music was renewed in the past few years thanks to Hillsong United. I’m grateful for not only experience […]