a two-fold dream

I dreamt I was on a naval ship. At first, I thought the evacuation siren was a drill, but then I saw the dark, mechanical army above me, advancing in clouds. Bomber aircraft soared overhead, and the place I stood was enveloped in flames. Fire rained down, and wreckage fell from the sky, crashing down […]

this will soon be over.

This will soon be over. Sometimes you think I am not listening. You tell me so. And you are right. My mind wanders, I tell you. I am glad this admission of mine throws you off the scent somewhat, because I’d rather you not know how deeply I’ve furrowed these caves of mine, carving out […]

the sky exploded

One evening,the sky exploded. It rained fire and light upon usAnd we felt time and space wrinklefor the briefest of moments We created fire of our ownon cool, clear nightsForging and welding usKnitting us through and throughto joy and smoke and heat on the far side of this floating island. The explosion rocks the universeRending […]