the vegetarian chronicles

I am chronicling the switch. I’ve slowly been easing myself into it. My interest was first seriously piqued on the night of Obama’s election in 2008. A friend of a friend (who now works for PETA) started sharing with me why he was a vegetarian and urged me to consider it for health and spiritual […]

you have used 3 continues.

Lately, I feel like I have been increasingly put in scenarios where I am forced to be direct and not apologize afterward for being direct. Conflict resolution. Honesty. Confrontation. Accountability. Character growth. All of these have been colliding into my life in various relationships, at an exponentially growing rate within the past 2-3 months. I […]

dismantle, repair.

trying to pull together thoughts from tonight. earlier today, i was consumed earlier with a piece of melodrama inside my own head. this week, ironically, has been great. i’ve had a wonderfully full week of catching up with friends, having sparkling conversation over lunch or coffee, depending on the day of the week. i’ve melted […]