ok so this might be lazy blogging, but…

I have often been fascinated with the idea of multiverses and parallel universes.  The Multiverse podcast by NYC Radiolab had my head spinning for days, leaving me wondering if there was really an infinite amount of Mel Doppelgangers out there, all slightly like me but varied in some way.  The mathematical probability of that is a little bit staggering.

LOST premiered last night on ABC, and introduced the new theme of this final season:  parallel realities.  Whereas previous seasons have used flashbacks or flashforwards to move the plot along, now we have flashsideways into alternate realities.


I religiously follow Doc Jensen of Entertainment Weekly and his now-resurrected posts overanalyzing and hyperanalyzing the plot twists and intricacies of the show.  This morning, I am currently checking his blog every five minutes in obsessive anticipation of his analysis of last night’s season premiere.

To keep my appetite sated, I am reading this article in the meantime.

Counting down the minutes…


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