please excuse me, while I drown.

Your words have always ensnared me, rippling around me like a dark undercurrent. Before now, this part had always felt like seduction, the way those golden words slid slowly, deliberately around my tongue, and down my throat.  Now, that sweet elixir burns like a poison.

You are my own personal Charybdis.

You show your true colors now, a monster from the deep, swirling and foaming your way through the roguish spray of the sea.  My watercraft wrestles with the edge of your whirlpool, and our fates collide, spinning us into the hell we both deserve.

My heart grieved for the metamorphosis.  I always believed in you, and the poetry you inspired in me.

But today, the sad songs you sing merely drown in the coming onslaught overhead.

Storm is rising.

Cue my run for cover.


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