the vegetarian chronicles cont’d

So although my official vegetarianism started a week and a half ago, I’ve technically not eaten meat in two weeks.  It hasn’t been too bad lately.  I haven’t really missed meat:  I’ve just missed the pleasure of having a variety of options when I go out to eat.  For instance, this past week at Panera, there was basically only one option for animal-stock-free soup:  garden vegetable with pesto.  Not that I’m complaining.  Everything I’ve eaten has been tasty enough; it’s just a matter of keeping things interesting at this point.

Although, I think the toughest thing to get past will be the emotional nostalgia tied to tradition.  For instance, the classic Super Bowl party delicacy:  Buffalo chicken wings.  As a born and bred Long Islander with family roots in upstate NY, I have been taught to take Buffalo chicken wings seriously.  In fact, I’m kind of a Buffalo chicken wing snob. There are very few public establishments where I will eat these things and actually enjoy them and I greatly revere my mom’s recipe, which my sister also skillfully emulates.  All of my childhood memories of the Super Bowl involve wings, cheering for the hopelessly underdoggish Buffalo Bills and endless Rocky movie marathons.

This year, I will be celebrating with my family and some relatives from out of town.  Like always, my gastronomically inventive family is experimenting with food this year.  The dads is making some kind of homemade chili from scratch, where my mom is going to make something special for the newly converted-veg.  My sister has decided to be extra-adventurous this year and is making buffalo chicken dip, consisting of shredded chicken, red hot wing sauce, celery, olive oil, cream cheese, blue cheese, and cheddar cheese.

However, my sister has graciously offered to make me a meat-free version of the dip, which I’m excited about.  Yowsers.  I’m happy I’m not a vegan:)

Anyway, this post has got me thinking that I sound pretty selfish when it comes to the preparation of food, so at the moment, I am trying to figure out how I can contribute to this smorgasboard on Sunday.  Hmm….

Guess I can always chop celery sticks. 😉


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