LOST helps me emotionally process my life…

With each splinter, every fragment of our ever-changing world, I sense our universes spinning off across an infinitely expanding multiverse.  What might have been and what could be, spiral in ever-widening circles as our paths diverge indefinitely. 

Through a looking-glass, I glimpse a future, blazing with hope and transformation, as I stand, straining to shed the demons and offenses that have marked my every step in my flight from each other.  From  you.

And of course, You.   

Sometimes, I feel as though I am dressed in mere rags, a child of refugees, forced and driven apart in this unrelenting war of choices and emotional crimes. 

With these new companions of mine [yes, this makeshift family], I find, like outlaws we stand at high noon, facing each other, ready to pull the trigger at the first hint of vulnerability.

We are isolated, divorced, and broken to the core. 

Our haven, our circle, our world has been tainted by the explosion in the night, looking awash, scarred and strange in the early morning light. 

But Tomorrow, dear Reader?

Tomorrow, we shall find the horror and beauty—and they, reconciled—both breathtaking to behold.


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